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Russell Kelly - an Ethnomethodologist
Welcome to my website. I am an independent, freelance researcher. I am always on the look-out for interesting research problems and opportunities.

Latest Project: Indexing non-clinical criteria for patient admission and transfer in Bed Management in a General Hospital  

Russell Kelly does it but what is 'it'?
What is Ethnomethodology?
Ethnomethodology is an exciting approach to problem solving based on describing the routine, everyday activities of ordinary folk. Rather than treating folk as dopes or dummies and telling them what to do, what to know and how to do what they do as most social scientists and organization researchers do, ethnomethodology's programme is to reveal the methods ordinary folk use to approach, to understand and to be in their world.
Most people-problems resolve themselves when they are described in that most "problems" arise because one person or group fails to understand the what, how and why of someone else's reasoning. Exploring and describing exposes the problem for what it is, for who it is a problem and, often, why it remains a problem. Seen like this, the problem ceases to be.    
Do you have a problem that an Ethnomethodologist might shed some light on? Contact us.

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