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Ethnomethodology at Work

An Ethnomethodologist and S-K Health Care Research
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Who we are

S-K Health Care Research offers research services across the World but based in the UK.
Our approach laid out on the Home Page is based in the Social Sciences.
We can conduct:
- social surveys (large or small)
- Evaluation Studies
- Efficiency and Effectiveness Measures
- customised processes for organization building, management and change.
We are particularly interested in problem solving to improve and enhance the quality of care delivery to patients in Acute and Community or Primary and Secondary Care.
There is specialist expertise in applications of Economic, Social, Cultural and Policy perspectives.
The application of demographic and epidemiological data for local forecasting and prediction can radically improve medium and long term effectiveness and efficiency in the achievement of health care targets. 
Our team has experience in the UK, Germany, India and Pakistan with extensive contacts throught Europe, the USA and in Japan.   

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